After 7 years, I updated my online resume

Back in Dec 2011 I graduated from College after 4 long hard years of studying computer science and related topics. At that time, I didn’t have any significant experience as a software engineer but I knew I wanted to do web development starting out. To help get more programming interviews lined up I wrote up my resume as a web page and posted it on this site. After multiples interviews with different companies I managed to find a job I was happy with.

Image of my single page resume from 2011
Image of my single page resume from 2011

My old resume is still live here.

+ Simple design
+ It’s a 1 Page resume! Most candidates that I’ve interviewed have 7 page resume!
+ Only requires jQuery to run, though not needed

– Not much job experience to show
– Plain design.
– No colors! Just the standard black on white.
– Outdated tech. Used HTML 4 and CSS 2.

Fast forward to 2018 and I primary use and to host my resumes.
But that changes today. I found a sickkkk resume template using twitter bootstrap 4 to make a modern resume page.
The best part is that you can host your resume on for FREE. (Unfortunately, this which requires some knowledge of basic web development and git.)

You can checkout my new github resume below.

+ Based off modern front-end technology using Twitter BootStrap 4
+ The resume template was a piece of cake to work with. Just modify 1 HTML file and upload your files.
+ I love the responsive design! It works on mobile AND desktops.
+ Animations + Icons + Images = Wow!
+ It’s free

– All the resume data is in a single HTML file.
– requires HTML knowledge to modify. Would be nice if there was an editor.
– The mobile view needs some work to look right. (No profile image and the section gaps are too big)

It took a few hours to get everything setup and pushed to the github repo.

2011 vs 2018 resume on mobile
2011 vs 2018 resume on mobile

The resume template is available for free download.
Startbootstrap resume template
Github project

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