4 Easy Ways to Improve your Resume under 30 minutes

My last post dealt with updating the layout for my on-line resume. Now my next goal is to update the wording to make the content more appealing. In today’s post, I’m going to share some tips I found from reddit forums dealing with improving resumes.

1. Get their attention! Most managers reviewing your resume will fly through it in less than a minute. Tell a short story to capture their attention. Show, don’t tell.


I’m an expert in sales


Three weeks after I was hired for this position, I grossed $$$ in sales and trained 2 new employees

2. Keep it short and relevant. No one enjoys reading a 10 page resume, so keep it under 3 pages. Bonus points if it’s 1 page.

3. You should fit your resume to each job specifically. Use some of the same language that’s used in the job posting. Or better yet review the resumes of others in a similar position for inspiration. Checkout Indeed.com/resume

4. Have someone proof read it!

Remember that the purpose of your resume is to get you an interview, not the job. Keep it relatively short and relevant.

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