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New Editor onboard

Hey everyone,

I am a new contributing author, Marc Streeter.  You may have the pleasure, or displeasure, of reading one of my posts from time to time.  I thought that it would be a good idea to introduce myself before anyone through any tomatoes (or motherboards, things are a’changin’).

I am a student at the University of Texas at Arlington (any complaints for bad grammamatical erors can be sent to this address). Technology, gadgets, news, music, and QuakeLive thrill me to death.  I also have a particular passion for Objective-C and user interface design, but I also enjoy the occasional web technology related book.  It could be said of me that I have experience in Java/C/C++ programming, web design, image sorcery, and the like but whoever told you that should be silenced with a boot to the head followed by a prompt finger wagging. Ahem.  When I am not trying to look like I am working or busy I tend to hang around my wife and three kids.

Well enough about me – back to breathing silently in front of this monitor.

Find data faster.

Stop wasting time and automate repetitive task. Automation increases your productivity and lessens your work load. Here are some few methods to do so.

Photo by: Nathan Eal Photography
Photo by: Nathan Eal Photography

Launching Programs :

The first improvement you can make is to use the keyboard over the mouse. Operating a mouse requires more concentration and time than hitting a keyboard shortcut and typing in the name of the program.
The easiest way is to use “Launchy”, a open source keystroke launcher. With Launchy, to open up a program like Firefox, you hit “alt” + “space” to bring up Launchy, then you type in “fox” and it auto completes for your and enter.
– Jump Directory ( Make a folder within side start menu for quick access to essential tools)

Finding Files

Everything, (super fast searching).
Spacemonger or WinDirStat (data storage visualization)
Q-dir or xplorer2 (dual file manager)


Autoit (Windows OS Task automation)
Chickenfoot (firefox plugin for web automation)

More time saving tips

Regular Expression Tools: (Searching Through Text)
Poweroff ( schedule your computer to power off after events )
In conclusion, there are dozens of programs and other techniques that you can learn to save time. To take this a step forward, I suggest reading The Productive Programmer by Neal Ford.

Larry Battle

I love to program, and discover new tech. Check out my stackoverflow and github accounts.

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Javascript release for Quine-McCluskeyJS

After having too much trouble with simplifying long Boolean expressions by hand, I decided to write a script for it. So with a day or two of coding and testing, Quine-McCluskeyJS was formed.
Quine-McCluskeyJS is a Javascript version of the Quine Mccluskey algorithm for Boolean algebra reduction.

Take a look here for more information.

Larry Battle

I love to program, and discover new tech. Check out my stackoverflow and github accounts.

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