4 Notepad++ Plugins for Javascript Developers

Editor’s Note: This post is from 2012. The hottest editors in 2018 are vscode and editor.

Here are some Notepad++ plugins for JavaScript Developers that I found useful.

You can install all the plugins using Notepad++ Plugins Manager located in the “Plugins” Menu.

  1. JSLint

    JSLint is a static code analysis tool used in software development for checking if JavaScript source code complies with coding rules.

    If jslint turns out to be strict for you, then I recommend that you try jshint.com.
    Does it make any sense to use JSLint and follow it?

  2. JSMin

    JSMin is a filter which removes comments and unnecessary whitespace from JavaScript files.

    The great thing about this plugin is that it formats and minimizes.
    JavaScript Compressor and Comparison Utility.

  3. JSON Viewer

    A JSON viewer plugin for Notepad++. Displays the selected JSON string in a tree view.

    If you get “Could not parse!!” error message, then reformat your code with JSON.stringify().

  4. RegEx Helper

    A Notepad++ plugin that allows users to develop regular expressions and test them against their open documents.

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