How to install on Windows 7 requires the following to run.

  1. Node.js
  2. Python
  3. CoffeeScript
  4. Pygments
  5. Docco

Step 1:
Download and install Node.js and Python 2.7. Python 3.2 might work but I haven’t yet tried it out.

Step 2:
Add the root and ‘node_modules’ directories for node.js and the root and “Script” directory for python 2.7 to your path environment variable.

Step 3:
Open up a command prompt, start -> run -> type “cmd”.

Type npm install coffee-script
*You should see installation output on the screen*

Type npm install docco
*You should see installation output on the screen*

Step 4:
Download ez_setup
In command prompt, navigate to where you downloaded
Type in python

Step 5:
In command prompt type easy_install pygments to install Pygments.


Download ‘underscore.js’ to your desktop.

Open up a command prompt and type in docco %userprofile%\desktop\underscore.js.
You should see two output files, “p” and “docs”.
The annotated source code is the html file in the docs folder.


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