Social Network in 30 days : Day 5

After working for 3 hours, I’m still on the login feature. This will be third day now.
It seems when I’m trying to solve one problem, it leads to 2 other issues to fix.
Here’s the part I’m stuck on, (until after work tomorrow).
I’m trying to create a session after the user logs in using beego and a free cloud instance of redis db from Redis to Go. At first I was having syntax and runtime exceptions. Now, it’s just figuring out how to format the login properties to obtain an connection to the db instance.

On the bright side of things, I gained a better understanding of Bootstrap.js 3.0 by recreating the sample examples here without viewing the source.

Goal for Day 6:
– Create basic version of the Login feature
– Connect to a Redis DB and perform basic crud operations.

I leave you all with this comic called “Why you shouldn’t interrupt a programmer”

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