Social Network in 30 days: Day 1

Hey guys and gals.
You know, I haven’t built anything in a while.
So today, I decided to challenge myself to build a social network within 30 days.
For the next 30 days, I’ll provide short blog post about my process and lessons learned.

Day 1:

Project Overview:
After some thought I decided to go with creating a site similar to and for online learning targeted for college students. Students post questions and peers help answer their questions about a course.

Hosting: Heroku (Cloud Hosting)
Server Side: Google Go 1.x
Database: Redis 2.x(Caching), MySQL 5.x
Front-end: jQuery 2.x, Bootstrap.js 3.x and Angular.js 1.x

cost < $1,000 Team Right now, just me. Might out-source a few parts. Here's my resume if you're curious about my background. Also, I'm following this guide for learning Google Go, Risks - Finding the time to work on this is going to hard. Time management is going to be crucial. - Learning curve. Expect for jQuery, I'm not an expert in any of the technologies I'm using. That's it for day 1. Plans for tomorrow: - Developer a feature list - Plan out milestones. - Create a homepage. - Create a login page.

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