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Coffee-script is a smoking hot simple language that converts 100% into Javascript code. Coffee-script allows you to spend more time focusing on the algorithm rather than the syntax.
js2coffee.org is an awesome website that converts your Coffee-script to Javascript and vice versa on the fly. So you can learn Coffee-script faster.
Let’s convert my Random Number Generator code from a previous post to Coffee-script.

// Javascript version
var getRandomNum = function( i, decLen ){
	return (Math.random() * (i||1) ).toFixed(decLen);

# My Coffee-script version
getRandomNum = ( i=1, decLen ) -> (Math.random()*i).toFixed(decLen)

# js2coffee.org Coffee-script verison
getRandomNum = (i, decLen) ->
	(Math.random() * (i or 1)).toFixed decLen

Awesome huh?

Check out a demo of Coffeescript here.

I’ll like to leave you with a HTML5 Coffee-script presentation.


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