Random CSS generator with evolution.

Hey Guys,
What if you could just write HTML and have the CSS generate itself?
Well, this question have been bugging me for while, so I decided to program it.

The method in which I did so what the following. I wanted to simulate evolution by having the user selecting which CSSJSON object would have offspring, in an attempt to find the perfect css for the html layout.

I’m think if I applied statistics to see which traces are favorable over all the selected offspring, then the resulting offspring would come out to being more to want the user wants. Also, I discovered that the structure of the html and the choice of tags are fundamental to clean and simple design. CSS can only do so much.


  • Works with Chrome, Firefox and Opera
  • Layout needs some fixing up.


Random CSS generator with evolution


So what do you think?
Do you have any suggestions for improvements?

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