Got a job.

Hey Guys, I got a new job as a full stack software developer!
Awesome. It only took a month to achieve.

Stats during 3 weeks

  • Had 1 job while searching for a job.
  • Received 20+ emails from unknown recruiters
  • Contacted 8 recruiters
  • Applied to 10 jobs
  • Had 7 phone interviews
  • Went on 4 on-site interviews
  • 3 rejections, 1 offer

Here are some notes I picked up along the way.


– Have a Word copy of your resume ready.
Recruiter will want this so they can spell check and format your resume using their company’s template.
– For each job in your resume, list the technology you used. Also, provide a summary of your experience in the summary section of your resume.
– Make your resume easy to find online for two reasons.

  • sometimes the recruiter will lose it and ask you to resend it.
  • When that happened to me, I just told them to google “Larry Battle Resume”.

  • People will contact about job postings.

– Ask for feedback about your resume, then update it immediately. is the best hub to post your resume., and sent me useless job postings.

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