Book Review for “The E-Myth Revisited”

The E-Myth Revisited
The E-Myth Revisited

First off, this book is about “why most small business fail and what to do about it”.
If you’re searching for a guide on how to properly setup a startup then read “Become your own boss in 12 months” by Melinda F. Emerson.

After finishing this book, I feel that I have learned a lot of useful tips.
His business tips are mix-in with the story of Sarah, an owner of a pie shop called “All About Pie”.
The general idea is this.

The goal of owning a business is to create jobs and sell it.
Work ‘on’, not ‘in’, your business by developing a set of “Francaise Prototype” rules for each role and situation in your business.
The “Francaise Prototype” is a manual with the key ingredients (developed by innovation/trail & error) on increasing sales and reduce cost.

I really didn’t like the story because it’s too long and predictable, which makes it boring.
I felt like he was holding back details so that you’ll buy into his “Turn Key Analysis” program.

I recommend entrepreneurs to read this book (“The E Myth”) but it’s not essential since it doesn’t go into the juicy details of starting up a successful business like the book “Become your own boss in 12 months”. For one, she warns you from the start not start a business without secure savings, since a lot portion of startups die from financial reasons. Also her stories are a few paragraphs and not a whole book.

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