Video: Learn How to Type Faster in Step 3

Feeling the urge to learn something new, I decided to discover what it takes to produce a video and host it on
After brain storming some ideas and watching videos to see what was out there, I finally decided upon making a video tutorial on how improve one’s typing speed.
Here’s the result.

“Learn How to Type Faster in Step 3 ” is my first video that I ever made and I learned a lot from the whole process. It took about half a day to complete but that was due to the fact that I had to research what software to use. A few rules that I found along the way are to are

  1. Get help writing subtitles because they take a longggg time! Unfortunately for me, the auto-caption feature failed with an error message of “Machine Transition Failed”. So that left me manually writing the subtitles by hand. I spent 2 hours writing subtitles for this 14 minute video, and the worse part is I could only insert 8 minutes worth of subtitles into the video because the on-line subtitle program I was using(captionTube) crashed every time after that point.
  2. Upload then do something else. It’s going to be a while get all 50MB+ of your video onto My upload time was about 1 hour.
  3. Don’t record everything in one take. It’s better to record multiple takes of a segment, then join the best parts into one long video.

For those wondering, I only used free-ware software for this project. Here’s a list of what I used.

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