Book Review: Computers Ltd: What They Really Can’t Do

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Book: “Computers Ltd.: What They Really Can’t Do (Popular Science)” (2003)
Author: David Harel

Computers Ltd.: What They Really Can't Do

“This book sets the record straight. Computers can’t fix all of the world problems because they’re limited by time and space.

The author starts off by defining algorithms and how computer programs work. He’s then explores common problems in computer science using a fair amount of algebra and graphs, like NP complete problems, the travelling salesman problem, the Turing test, tower of Hanoi, and etc.

Restraining from being a complete pessimist, discussions mainly addressing Cryptography are included. Cryptography shows how computational complexity can be used for the greater good, as it’s nearly impossible to break the encryption within a reasonable amount of time for any data encoded in RSA.

Lastly, the author ends the book with his take on hot areas in computing, such as Quantum Computers, Artificial Intelligence and evolutionary (generic) programming.
Overall, I enjoyed this pocket size book and recommend it for those interested in expanding their knowledge in Computer Science.”
-Larry Battle

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