Book Review: Don’t Make Me Think

After months of delay, I finally sat down and read “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug.

don't make me think
don't make me think

Link: Don’t Make Me Think

Finished this short but informative book in 2 days. Steve Krugs gives advice on avoiding common usabilities issues.
With that, here are a few things I picked up.
– Test rather than argue with your team.
– Users read in a hurry, so kill the noise by having less design and small talk, while filling the page up with unique content.
– Avoiding ads on your home page, even though it has the highest traffic.
– Provide aid for lost users. That includes a way to get to the home page, a site id, and other means of understanding their location.
– Test each stage of your project at least once. The earlier the testing, the cheaper to repair.

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