Book Review for “The E-Myth Revisited”

The E-Myth Revisited
The E-Myth Revisited

First off, this book is about “why most small business fail and what to do about it”.
If you’re searching for a guide on how to properly setup a startup then read “Become your own boss in 12 months” by Melinda F. Emerson.

After finishing this book, I feel that I have learned a lot of useful tips.
His business tips are mix-in with the story of Sarah, an owner of a pie shop called “All About Pie”.
The general idea is this.

The goal of owning a business is to create jobs and sell it.
Work ‘on’, not ‘in’, your business by developing a set of “Francaise Prototype” rules for each role and situation in your business.
The “Francaise Prototype” is a manual with the key ingredients (developed by innovation/trail & error) on increasing sales and reduce cost.

I really didn’t like the story because it’s too long and predictable, which makes it boring.
I felt like he was holding back details so that you’ll buy into his “Turn Key Analysis” program.

I recommend entrepreneurs to read this book (“The E Myth”) but it’s not essential since it doesn’t go into the juicy details of starting up a successful business like the book “Become your own boss in 12 months”. For one, she warns you from the start not start a business without secure savings, since a lot portion of startups die from financial reasons. Also her stories are a few paragraphs and not a whole book.

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Subscription Review: New Scientist

Throughout 2011 I have been loyal subscription holder to the scientific magazine New Scientist.
I love it how each week I’m presented with the latest scientific discoveries that blow my mind.

So, what is New Scientist?

New Scientist reports on the very latest science and technology news, putting discoveries and advances in the context of everyday life. New Scientist relates the advancements of human knowledge to the broader impacts on society and culture, making it essential reading for people who ask why. – From:

Here are my top 5 hottest stories from 2011

  1. Fallible DNA evidence can mean prison or freedom

    New Scientist reveals that much of the DNA analysis now conducted in crime labs can suffer from worrying subjectivity and bias.

  2. Neutrino watch: Speed claim baffles CERN theoryfest

    OPERA … announced that neutrinos traveling from CERN had apparently moved faster than light.

  3. Move over, Einstein: Machines will take it from here

    Schmidt recorded this movement using a motion tracking camera which fed numbers into his computer. What he was looking for was an equation describing the motion of the pendulums.

    Note: I wrote an article over this here

  4. How online games are solving uncomputable problems
  5. Better than human? What’s next for Jeopardy! computer


  • Well thought out and highly organized magazine.
  • Scientific Job Board
  • Amazing Scientific News
  • Articles are easy for ordinary person to understand.
  • Offers short lessons over complex topics
  • “The Last Word” – answers to scientific questions about everyday phenomena.


  • Topics can sometimes become repetitive
  • No references for most articles.
  • It’s only news, so you can’t apply want you learn.

Price: ~$99 annually (on line discounts may vary)
You can check out “New Scientist” at

Larry Battle

I love to program, and discover new tech. Check out my stackoverflow and github accounts.

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